“We declare the world as our canvas.”

12 Apr


I randomly came across the Street Art Utopia site and found myself looking through so many great works of art. Art which truly makes an impact and art that can reach everybody indiscriminately. Art that is so creative, beautiful, personal, adaptive, cultural, witty and funny. I can not see how such works are truly an act of vandalism when every corner we turn there is a billboard or an advert. For I would rather walk through streets that make me smile than streets that try to make me feel that there is something missing in my life. Streets that inspire me- rather than streets that make me mindlessly consume. There is a word coined by Banksy for this- “brandalism”.

The Street Art movement really owes its success and wide audience to the internet. Because of the impermanence of it, sites like Street Art Utopia document and share such works with and from many a Street Art fan.

But something I always wonder in the context of teaching children is when does Street Art become morally correct? When is graffiti an art form and is this entirely subjective? Are some public and private spaces more correct to use for the purposes of Street Art than others? Can you really teach children to appreciated Street Art and then tell them they should not become a Street Artist because it is vandalism and against the law?

I think personally-not speaking as Miss Parker- I have no moral issue with using advertising spaces, derelict spaces and other permission given spaces e.g. Kelburn Castle for the purposes of Street Art. However, unless a message is felt by the Artist to be extremely important and valuable to many people, I am a little unsure as to permanent graffiti on private property unless it is that of a ruthless corporation! However, the point is I do feel conflicted between my own values and that of what a primary teacher should be imparting-because there are a lot of laws (statutes) I do not agree with.


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