Carpe Diem!

21 Apr

On 20/4/11 our Learning Through Art and Visual Culture went to the beach; guided by the very rare and very beautiful Scottish sunshine.

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This spontaneous event was resourced by very large rolls of paper, inks varying sized brushes attached to bamboo sticks. The paper was initially laid back from the sea but moved to the shore line to allow the briny, flowing water to interact with the creation of the image.

*I found that there is something quite poignant about allowing the sea to be involved in the creation of its own representation (or self portrait).

*We experienced again the opportunity to find and command our own space with the media: something I find valuable and intend to take forward with children in the future.

We we had finished our ink painted interpretations of the shore line and we put them in the sea! Therefore, really we let the sea do the finishing touches to our work.

* There was something incredibly beautiful about the fleeting moments we saw our collaborative creation in the waters of the initial inspiration that it came from.

Witnessing such beauty also filled me with a vast sense of loss at the temperate nature of such a kind of work when it was -shortly after being in the sea- disposed of. But it also tempered my mind with such a great sense of value of what I had seen and engrained it solidly in my memory (getting camera happy also helped!) However, perhaps the spontaneous and impermanent nature of such a creative experience reinforces it’s value- making it a forever happy memory rather than a stagnant educational non-event.

“Everything flows and nothing abides,

everything gives way and nothing stays fixed.”


(c.540 – c.475 BC)


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