A Day of Animation

4 May

When I first heard we would be taking part in animation this week  (4/5/11) I immediately thought of two examples of stop motion animation that have particularly inspired me. These are;

-Smashing Pumpkins:  Thirty-three

-A scene from indie film: ‘Eagle Versus Shark’

I enjoy the simplicity, the humour, the playfulness and the slight jerkiness of these clips.


Todays session began is discussion about where animation actually began. It is arguably thousands of years old- as old a cave paintings themselves! However, the first motion picture itself was created by Eadweard Muybridge in 1873: solving the problem of whether or not when a horse is running there is ever a point when all four hoofs are off the ground. As previously discussed- the best creative accomplishments come from solving a problem

However, we also learned about various simple animation techniques which could easily be used with children. Such as;

-The Thaumatroupe

-The Flip Book

The animation we created today was, however, inspired by the work of William Kentridge who often uses one 2D surface for an animation sequence.

Siobhan Cawley and I created a story board of Little Red Riding Hood and chose to use black paper and chalk for the eerie effect. We also chose to include only a dash of yellow and red to make these colours more prominent and to draw attention to the significant characters. Here is what we produced;

In reflection, I definitely think animation is more than worthy of a place in the school curriculum as it is so relevant in children’s lives and children’s media. Not to mention it is completely cross-curricular; including mathematics, english and literacy, expressive arts and ICT. Although I enjoyed this method we used today, I think doing stop motion with props such as Lego or even the human body would be an easier basis for children to begin more complex animation (with quicker results too).

Relevant  Teaching Resources

Pedersen, H & Villekold, H. (2005) Teaching With Animation- a booklet about animation

Available at


[Accessed 20 May 2011]

South West Grid for Learning Trust Ltd. (2010) Teaching Animation

Available at


[Accessed 20 May 2011]


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